Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Wonder Benefits of Eggs

  Eggs are truly the universal definition of health. It’s a wonder food with lots of health benefits, vitamins and minerals that our body needs. Moreover, they contain antioxidants that are proven to help us combat diseases.   In this article, we provide you with the reasons why egg has the wonder benefits your body needs.  
  1. Eggs contain high quality protein. When it comes to dieting, most athletes or bodybuilders alike tend to include eggs on their diet in order to get the quality protein that is needed to build quality muscles. Eggs are among the best sources of quality protein. A large-sized egg contain 6 grams of protein mostly found on the egg white. Moreover, eggs also contain ample amount of amino acids that are responsible for building the protein in the body and convert them into muscles.
  2. Eggs contains lots of vitamins and minerals. In a whole egg, there are wide-range of nutrients. One large egg can contain 15 percent of vitamin B2, 5 percent vitamin A, 9 percent vitamin B12, 7 percent vitamin B5, 22 percent Selenium, and it also contains small amounts of calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, vitamin E, folate, manganese, and more. These are almost every vitamins and minerals our body needs to function.
  3. Eggs are good for the brain. Eggs contain choline. Choline is similar to B vitamins. It can help aid in decreasing swelling and inflammation for people who have asthma. It is also beneficial for the nervous system. In a study, it is shown that babies who have low choline intake may have the risk of neubal tube defects and it can lead to decreased cognitive function.
  4. Eggs are good for the eyes. The two powerful antioxidants eggs contain can have powerful health benefits for the eyes. Lutein and zeaxanthin are responsible for protecting the eyes from the harm of sunlight by accumulating in the retina and act as shields. Cataracts and macular degeneration are among the leading causes of blindness among people and these antioxidants are can reduce the risk of these diseases significantly. Most of these antioxidants can only be found on the egg yolk.
  5. Eggs in breakfast can help you lose body fat. If you include one or two whole eggs in your breakfast, chances are you’re going to lose weight. In a study, there are 30 overweight women that consumed a breakfast of either eggs or bagels. Those breakfast have the same amount of calories. The women in the egg group ate fewer calories for the rest of the day because the egg made them full. There is a significant result in weight loss for those who have consumed eggs for breakfast than those who have consumed bagels.
    If you are not that fond of eating whole egg, you can also try to look for recipes online that you can try so that your egg-eating could be much more enjoyable. For athletes, it is important as well that you only consume egg whites as that’s the part that contains most of the proteins. However, it is also okay to consume the egg yolk as it contains almost all of the vitamins and minerals our body needs.