Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Why you should do Yoga

  It’s undeniable that ‘YOGA’ can be pretty hard, especially if you’re a Martian and is not used with the earth’s gravity. Even earthlings find it hard to do yoga because earthlings are just lazy and want to eat pizza or burger instead. But yes, since yoga is the ultimate stress reliever, we try to embrace it as much as possible. It has endless options so even if you’re a martian, you can try it the martian way.  

Yoga is great for the mind

  Yoga is an ancient practice that can help you have a body and mind connection. It has stood the test of time as it is proven to provide positive effects on both mental and physical health.   In this articles, we gathered some of the reasons why you should do yoga and incorporate it more into your life. Enjoy life, do yoga!

8 Great Benefits of Yoga:

  1. Yoga connects you with nature. Imagine the wind passing through your skin and getting much closer into your nostril as you breathe in and stretch those muscles. There’s something unique about being able to stay quiet and relax with nature through yoga.
  2. Have sharper mind with yoga. Yoga lets you focus on your movements and it may boost your brain function and improve your overall thinking.
  3. Yoga helps you heal. If you have multiple joint pains and body pains, yoga may help reduce those pains. According to Harvard Medical School, regular yoga can help relieve chronic pain.
  4. Better Sleep with Yoga. If you are having some insomnia, yoga can help you have a deep slumber. Because of its calming benefits, you can feel relaxed leading to better sleep.
  5. Yoga can make you stronger. There are different kinds of moves you can incorporate in your yoga that would require lots of muscle contraction. These could include body weight and you might find it hard as well.
  6. Yoga helps with your breathing techniques. Yoga includes lots of movements that require you to breathe in and breathe out. With that, you can improve your breathing. It is beneficial for those people that are suffering from asthma.
  7. Yoga improves your posture. Yoga requires you to use most of your joints with lots of stretching and muscle contraction. You also need to follow the movements with correct posture, thus helping you improve your stand.
  8. Yoga is life changing. Because yoga is also meditation, it can help you be much happier in life. If you focus on the movements and on the thought that go along with it, feeling the nature and everything that surrounds you, you can feel that it is healing. By allowing your mind to think of the things that’s been happening and to sort things out for the better, you can decide easily on your choices in life. By getting your thoughts and body together, you will understand yourself more and there will always be a connection between your mind and body. Through yoga, you will have serenity of the mind and comfort of the heart.