Food Foundations: Oats

Food Foundations: Oats

Training for a triathlon is more demanding than most other sports. The simple fact that you’ve got to prepare your body for three separate disciplines means that your energy systems will be constantly pushed to the limit.

In order to maintain your energy levels throughout the day and give your all to each training session, you need to be very careful with the type of fuel you give your body.

Though high G.I. (Glycaemic Index) foods are great for giving you a post workout boost, you also need a deep foundation of slow release energy to get you through multiple training sessions each day.

Oats should feature in any athletes daily diet. They are a low G.I. food which also contain high levels of protein and fibre. The other advantage is that they are really easy to build into your daily routine.

Porridge is a great option for breakfast, especially in winter. There are also many oat based breakfast cereals which can be easily transported in plastic containers to ensure that your body has a constant supply of ‘good’ energy.

[colored_box color=”grey”]Tip: Instead of eating your oat based cereal with milk, why not try adding orange juice. This will help reduce the dairy content of your diet, give you a vitamin c boost and give you a shot of citric acid to aid digestion. It tastes pretty good too. [/colored_box]