How to Eat for Optimal Recovery

How to Eat for Optimal Recovery

There are many different elements to recovery. Unsurprisingly, nutrition is one of the major ones.

Though it’s clearly a crucial factor if you want to get out training a few days after a race, many athletes simply neglect best practice when it comes to nutrition. They know what they should be eating, they are simply too tired, disorganized or weak willed to do it!

How to Eat Right Once You’re Done

It’s understandable. Who wants to cook after completing an Ironman!? Still, that doesn’t get away from the fact that you should be eating properly after a race or training session. So, how can we make it as easy as possible to refuel the right way?

 1. Get Organised

Unless you have a willing support team, it’s going to be up to you to make sure you eat right. Yes, when you finish your race or training session you will be tired – well, you should be –you know that. You simply need to get organized.

There are loads of really healthy foods that will keep for days if you prepare them in advance. The obvious example is chicken. You can roast a whole chicken on a Friday night and you’ll have lean, pre-cooked protein for all your weekend activities. Carbs like sweet potatoes can also be cooked ahead of time and then safely reheated when you are ready to eat them.  There are loads of foods like this that can make your life easier and help you train harder and more frequently.

Another useful tip is to buy pre-made additions that will make an otherwise boring meal taste great. Why not try a basil pesto or sundried tomatoes?


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