Review: Kinetic Revolution’s ‘6 Week Online Running Course’

Review: Kinetic Revolution’s ‘6 Week Online Running Course’

If you’ve come across Kinetic Revolution before, you will probably have seen their ‘Online Running Technique Course’. We’ve recently had a lot of questions from the Tri Fit community about specific questions to do with running injuries and running form, so we thought we’d give the course a go to see if it was something that would be of use to you all.

About the Course:

The course is delivered and managed by James Dunne, the Performance Director at Kinetic Revolution. James is highly qualified and seems to have plenty of experience dealing with the unique challenges that triathletes face (compared to other runners). The online running course itself is designed to improve your running form over a period of 6 weeks. To facilitate this, James takes you through, day by day (there are usually about 4 sessions per week) with detailed instructions and links to the relevant resources (videos, audio files etc).   Here’s the video introduction to the course….



Though it is sold as a ‘6 Week Course’, the materials you get as part of the course can be used forever. This means you can keep coming back to sections and build the exercises into your weekly training schedule to keep your running form up to scratch. The biggest selling point of the course is probably the interactive access you get to the guys at Kinetic Revolution. They really are experts and they give members exclusive access to a forum (with a specific triathlon section) and weekly webinars. As an example: their most recent ‘members only’ webinar was all about ‘Returning to Running After Injury’. Calling it a ‘6 week course’ sells it short. The lifetime access to these resources (and their expertise) means that it’s a resource runners can use throughout their training career to continually improve their running.


What Did We Think?

This part of the review has been written by Tom. Tom is a keen fell runner, triathlete and a long serving member of the TriFit team.

I’m currently entering my third week of following the course. I’ve always thought I had quite good running form. After-all, it hasn’t stopped me running. Something I had realised before starting the course is that I had VERY tight hip flexors and hamstrings. I had put this down to too much running up hills (I love fell running) and short lunchtime training sessions which didn’t allow enough time for post run stretching. Within 10 minutes of starting the course, it was clear that I’d actually been running wrong for all these years! I tell you this because I don’t think I’m alone. If you can run a marathon in a respectable time and run up big hills, you’re unlikely to think that there’s anything wrong with your running form, right? The truth is, though you might be ‘getting through it’, by making small changes to your running style you can drastically improve your running economy, avoid injury and run faster. Imagine what could that do for your next triathlon? In my case, James quickly highlighted that I was running primarily with my quads and hip flexors. I was only using half the muscles in my legs!

Even within the three weeks since starting (and I have missed a few sessions) I can feel the improvements. I know that a lot of the lessons that are taught in this course will be covered elsewhere. There are loads of books on running form and technique. I think that, for something like this, you need to see videos. Descriptions and still images aren’t enough. The video lessons seem to work really well. The difference with James’s approach is that he gives you specific drills to make you do these things. He also puts them in a practical sequence so you can focus on each element separately. This approach, combined with the visual cues he gives, means that the improvements in your technique are far likely to stick – and if not, he’s there on hand to get you back on track.


Our Verdict:

I didn’t think I needed this course. I was running well (I thought). However, it’s turned out to be one of the best training purchases I’ve made. For less than £20 ($35) this course WILL improve your running and provide you with 1:1 coaching support throughout your running career. Even if you’re convinced that your running technique is perfect, it’s probably worth signing up for the course just to keep it that way. It’s already improved my running and I’m excited about the impact it will have on my next race time! Want to know more about the course? Go to the Kinetic Revolution website.


– 6 Week Training Course (weekly schedule, videos, audio) – Members Access to the Forum – Access to Members Only Webinars With James and the Team – Free Bonus: ‘Stronger Hips – Pain Free Knees’ eBook (they usually sell this for £7.99 or $14) – 10% of each sign up fee goes to Cancer Research UK

Price: £39.99 ($59.99)  £17.99 ($29.99)

(The course is currently being sold at Half Price – not sure for how long)

 UPDATE: James and the Guys at KR have recently introduced the 30 Day Challenge. This is a 30 Day programme with a different drill or tip each day designed to improve your running technique and protect you against injury. The best part? It’s TOTALLY FREE!