TRX Training for Triathletes

TRX Training for Triathletes

Still got time in your week after training for the swim, bike and run? Add TRX for triathletes to your regular schedule. Here’s how to get started.


What Exactly Is TRX Training?

TRX is a brand of suspension trainer kit, and suspension training in general refers to body weight exercises conducted using long, adjustable straps, allowing you to suspend one or more limbs off the ground. What’s the benefit of this? Excellent range of movement, the challenge of instability, and an opportunity to build functional strength without the load of a barbell.

The Benefits Of TRX For Triathletes

TRX for triathletes targets the core, the posterior chain, the hips and the powerful muscles of the lower body, back and shoulders. Exactly what you need to boost your training efficiency and race performance.

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